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Arts and Academics (Acatak)


Meetings: Tuesday at 5:30PM in the Seminar Room

Next Event: Express Yourself

Express Yourself

We will offerseveral craft stations, as well as a talent show. Crafts will include: clay, painting, stained glass, jewelry(beads, friendship bracelets, button bracelets, etc.), origami, mask decorating,and yarn crafts (knitting, crocheting, God's eyes, etc.). While people are doing crafts, a talentshow will be happening. These actsmight include (but are not limited to): musical performances, acting, stand-up comedy, etc. Those wishing to participate in thetalent show must sign up in advance. Snacks will be available.


Brookspiration -

Quiz Bowl -

Adventures on Wax -


September 11th - Brookspiration after Sunday Night Dinner in the Brooks Library.

September 17th - Quiz Bowl at 1pm in the Great Hall.

September 29th - Adventures on Wax at 4pm in Caleb Farmer's Apartment.

October 20th - Express Yourself in the Great Hall.