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Point System

---Last Updated on April 14th, 2012

Committee Chair: TBD

Point Master: TBD

Committee Members: Nanjing Gao, Jeremy Doyle, Joshua Collins, Garner Richardson, Seth Oldham

General Rationale

1. The members of Brooks College share deeply worthy aspirations that are expressed well in the college covenant. The significance of the aspirations and commitments embraced by college members underwrites the need for personal accountability in realizing them.

2. Membership in Brooks College entails opportunities and privileges unavailable to many other deserving Baylor students. Moreover, the university has provided unprecedented support for Brooks College in order to see its members flourish as a distinctive intellectual community. On both counts, public accountability regarding our successes and failures, individually and collectively, is appropriate.

3. Accountability and constructive improvement in the absence of regularly measurable progress toward a goal is difficult, if not impossible

Specific Purposes

1. To encourage more significant participation in the collegiate way of life in terms of (a) number of participants, (b) regularity of involvement, and (c) varied forms of involvement, thus contributing to the success of the relationships fostered, in aims to develop a stronger community.

2. To provide a mechanism for self-accountability regarding the degree and frequency of participation in the shared life of Brooks College.

3. To facilitate public accountability regarding (a) individual college members’ fulfillment of commitments for participation and (b) college-wide levels of participation in a wide array of events and programs.

4. To honor individual college members--and their respective floors--on the basis of involvement and contribution.


What are points?

“Points” are units of awesomeness earned by members of the college on the basis of participation in, leadership of, and service for the college. Only God can measure how awesome you are as a human being. How awesome you are as a member of Brooks College, however, is measured at least in part by how many points you have. Put differently, points represent the special kind of public honor and personal pride we experience in living up to the shared aspirations for life together. They are the coin of the realm and the currency of the market. Of course, at the end of the day, week, or year, it is not the points one possesses that is important. It is the experiences, friendships, and insights gained through participation in the life of the college that matter.

Point System Event & Point Value Chart

Hall Retreat 4 Town Hall Meeting 4
Sunday Dinner 3 Tuesday Tea 3
Brooks Olympics/Blaze 3 Tenebrae/Advent/Full Services 3
Steppin' Out with Brooks 3 Donating for Toy Drive&supl; ≤3
Writing a Torch article 2 King's Club 2
Christmas at Brooks 2 Formals 2
Quizbowl 2 Express Yourself! 2
Refresh! 2 Attending lectures with the college² 1-2
Being a Brooks Tour Guide 2 Committee Meeting 1
Evening/Morning Prayer 1 Brooks Backs the Bears 1
Movie on the Quad 1 College Choir Rehearsal 1
Brooks Intramural Games³ 1 Brooks Bake-Off 1

¹ One point for each toy donated with a maximum of 3 points reward.

² One point awarded for attending a lecture with the college. An extra point awarded for attending a post-lecture discussion (if scheduled).

³ One point awarded for attending or participating (playing) in intramurals.

How do you know how many points you have?

Opportunities for earning points, along with each college members’ currently earned points, are published and updated on the college website weekly under the oversight of the point system committee of the college. Members will have two weeks from the updated event to contact the Point System Committee to report points earned that are not accounted for on the website.

Click HERE to view the Official Point Portal.

Please email our Point Master if you have any questions regarding specifically your points on the Point Portal.

Print the Attendance Form

Can you earn points for events not on the official list?

In addition to point-earning opportunities that are available through the ongoing events and programs of the college, members may propose point-eligible events by completing the Point Request Form and submitting it to the point system committee. These forms will be reviewed at the end of each full school year and, if approved by the majority of the committee, will be added to the list for the next year. Approval of the event as a point-eligible opportunity is at the sole discretion of the point system committee.

Request Forms can be printed and handed to any of the Point System Committee Members, or may be emailed to the Point System Committee Chair.

What determines whether or not something is point-eligible?

The determinative factor for point-eligibility of an event is whether or not it advances the aims of the college as expressed in the community covenant, within the college itself or outside of the college. The operative principle underlying judgments about the number of points earned through a given event is the extent to which the event is given to including the whole membership of the college, though consideration of time commitments plays a secondary role.

Are a certain number of points expected?

A minimum of fifty points per semester is expected of each college member in order to remain in good standing. Points earned beyond the minimum accrue to the greater glory and generally acknowledged awesomeness of the college member. Earning additional points also helps one’s floor win the annual college-wide point competition and a special, one-of-a-kind celebration together.

What happens if you fall under the minimum point expectation?

At the end of each semester, members of the college with point totals below the established minimum are invited to recommit themselves to college life or asked to relocate to another on-campus residential community. Two consecutive semesters of point totals below the established minimum require moving to another residential community.

What happens if you exceed the minimum point expectation?

Members with significant average point totals at the end of the year receive high public honor, recognition as generally awesome members of the college, and accolades from the faculty master. Point ranges for award eligibility are as follows in the chart below. Members have the opportunity to gain pride of place in the annual room draw, occupy a relative advantage in our annual college member award selection, satisfy eligibility for college scholarships, and improve the chances of their floor’s victory in the overall floor standings competition. A special annual prize will also be given for the most outstanding male and female as well as the winning hall with the most average points.

Individual Awards for Exceeding 50 points

Special Award from Dr. Henry 65-74 points
Advantage during Room Draw ≥75 points
Placed in a Drawing for Scholarship ≥85 points

Can you earn points if you do not live in the college?

Sadly, no, but participation from those outside of the college is welcomed and encouraged, and will in most events increase the chances of acceptance into the college for those interested in applying.