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Justice (iustitia)

SG Justice

Figured above is Moses, biblically associated with justice, and figured below is Martin Luther King Jr., a modern Christian exemplar of the passion for justice. Moses holds his staff thoughtfully and confidently, though not here triumphantly, as the waters of the sea are parted at his feet. Above his head are the two tables of the law, divine imperatives for the wholly just life, ordered accordingly toward both God and neighbor. God's justice connects law and liberty; Moses' cry "let my people go," and the narrative of Israel's children passing out of the land of bondage into the Promised Land, echo down through history. Martin Luther King Jr. is prominent among those who have invoked the great biblical theme of the just delivery of God's people from bondage and death into freedom and life. His presence in the justice window-where we see him in the context of his famous capital city "I Have a Dream" speech of August 28, 1963-is thus especially reflective of the story of Moses above.

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