Living in Waco

On/Off Campus Housing

  • Undergraduate - Baylor Housing
  • Graduate - Baylor Graduate Housing
    Choose ’Apply for Housing’ to learn about Quadrangle and Browning Square apartments.
  • Other Graduate Housing
    Choose ’Finding Housing’ to browse a list of apartments
  • All students Off-Campus
    Rachel Jenkins at Brother's Management has offered to assist all international students needing off-campus housing for short periods of time. Find her contact information below:

    Rachel Jenkins, Assistant Manager
    Brother’s Management
    400 LaSalle Avenue
    Waco, TX 76706
    Office: 254-753-5355
    Fax: 254-753-5356

Other questions:
Housing Office
Phone: 254-710-3642

Health Insurance & Medicine

  • Health Insurance
    All international students, scholars and their dependents must have health insurance that meets or exceeds Baylor University requirements.

    Health Services will automatically bill each student's account prior to arrival.

    **Non-degree seeking students graduating during the Spring Semester: You must NOTIFY Health Services BEFORE the 12th day of class of your plans to leave before the summer to AVOID PAYING summer insurance charges.**

    For more information visit:
    Baylor University Health Services - Student Insurance
    International Student Insurance Policy

  • Medicines
    Bring any medicine that you are familiar with until you find a similar medicine available in the U.S.

    Bring an English translation of any prescriptions.

Safety & Health Resources

Note: Inclusion of a resource in this list does not imply endorsement by Baylor University.

Public Schools

The public schools that your children will attend are determined by the location of your housing in Waco. Exceptions are based on individual circumstances. Note that immunization records are required to enroll children in Texas Public Schools. School transcripts are also helpful (though not required) for placement of children into appropriate grade levels. For details regarding which public school your child will attend, schedules, registration and classes, please contact:

Waco Independent School District
Public Information
G.L. Wiley School Building1030 East Live Oak
Waco, Texas 76703
Ph: (254) 755-9473
Fax: (254) 755-9658

*If you have school age children, you must provide transportation for them.

Child Care

Baylor University offers childcare for children 2-5 through Piper Child Development Center. This is not a free service. There is often a long waiting list for placement, which is based on the date of application.

In the meantime, there are numerous qualified childcare facilities in the Waco area. In this section, we provide information to help you make your childcare decisions.

A licensed childcare facility must be a well-managed, accountable organization with adequate supervision that provides a safe and healthy environment and activities geared toward specific age groups.

Steps for Choosing Quality Child Care

Visit several different child care homes or centers. Think about your first impressions and take notes. Always visit a home or center more than once and stay as long as possible to get a good feel for what the care will be like for your child. After starting care, continue to visit from time to time and talk with the owner if you have any concerns. If you are not welcome to visit at any time, you may want to find a different provider.

What does the child care setting sound like? Are the children happy and involved? Do the caregivers’/teachers’ voices sound cheerful and patient? If the facility is too quiet, it may mean there are not enough activities available. If it is too noisy, it may mean there is a lack of control.

Count the number of children and caregivers/teachers who care for them in each group. The fewer the number of children for each adult, the more attention your child will receive. Especially for babies and younger children, it is important to have a small child to staff ratio that meets or exceeds minimum standards.

Quality care providers and teachers should be happy to answer your questions about their child care background and experience. It is important for you to know that the adults who will care for your children have the knowledge and skills necessary to provide the attention they will need. Also, ask about any special training they have and whether the program is accredited.

Is your provider involved in efforts to improve the quality of child care in your community? How can you get involved?

To find out if there have been any valid complaints and/or other pertinent information about any of the programs you are considering, call the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services at (800)862-5252 or contact your local licensing office.

Information provided by GetChildCareNow.Com