Prospective/Returning Students

Before Visa Process

Step 1
Follow Admissions Process to be Accepted to Baylor

Please see the Admissions website HERE to complete the process of being accepted to Baylor. This step must be completed before you can apply for a student visa in the United States.

Steps to Obtaining a Visa

Step 1
Pay Enrollment Deposit

After receiving your acceptance letter from Admission Services, pay the enrollment deposit online at or through your goBAYLOR account.

Step 2
Immigration Status Form and Financial Certification

Please complete and submit the Immigration Status Form and Confirmation of Financial Resources to the ISSS office. If you are receiving a scholarship from Baylor, please include a copy of your award notice with the form along with any other documents of financial support.

Step 3
Obtaining an Immigration Document

After receiving your completed Immigration Status Form and Confirmation of Financial Resources and supporting documentation, the ISSS office will issue your immigration document (I-20). Once the document is issued, you will receive an email regarding mailing options.

Step 4
Apply for a Student Visa