Financial Resources
Two doctoral students will be admitted on assistantship during each of the first three years of the program. Thus, in year three and following, a maximum of six students would be on graduate assistantship. The assistantships will cover tuition for eighteen credit hours per year; limited stipends may also be available. The assistantships will last for three years only and cover the basic tuition for the degree.

University fees are not included in the tuition remission. Students who take more than eighteen hours per year (to satisfy leveling requirements, for instance) or who extend their degree work beyond three years will be responsible for any additional tuition.

The stipend will be paid to the student for work done in the School of Music, and may be used for any purpose desired by the student. The assignments may vary from help in the Church Music office to research assistance for the faculty or serving as a Teacher of Record in Church Music or other classes in the University.

Doctoral students may be admitted without a graduate assistantship, with a partial assistantship, or with only one component of the assistantship (tuition remission or stipend) depending upon the needs of the student and the University.