Faculty Publications - I Will Sing

I Will Sing the Wondrous Story: A History of Baptist Hymnody in North America

Authored by David W. Music and Paul A. Richardson.

Beginning with an overview of the British background, this book is a survey of the history of Baptist hymnody in America from denominational beginnings in the New World to the present. Organized as a narrative in ten chapters, it moves from the British roots through the beginnings of Baptist music or its absence in America, early hymnals, early regional nineteenth-century collections, mid-nineteenth-century sectional and denominational collections, the Civil War, Sunday School and Gospel songs, late nineteenth-century hymnals, "denominational" ones in the twentieth century, and the splintering at the end of the twentieth century viewed through grids like "reformers" and "revolutionaries." In the process, Baptist leaders and groups are considered and their various views and conflicts described. Its intent is to help the reader better understand the background against which current Baptist congregational song practices operate. The book also includes many texts and tunes as illustrations of the topics being discussed and focuses on some of the contributions of Baptist authors and composers to the repertory of congregational song.

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