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The Center for Christian Music Studies was founded at Baylor University with the intent to provide leadership in all aspects of Christian music within today�s society. As we continually strive to become a preeminent Christian music center worldwide, we foster the growth and effectiveness of efforts to utilize Christian music to its God-given potential.

Center for Christian Music Studies offers Experience that Builds Bridges and Nurtures the Soul


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�"Baylor has given me such passion for music and the church. [...] I have also had opportunities through the church music department, singing a solo for the advisory board and helping to plan the Mosaic Service. These opportunities have prepared me for an eventual career in music ministry..." �

Adam Cogliano - BM �16

"Since I have been at Baylor, I have taken so many classes that have grown me to be the church musician I am today. I feel like I am now ready to go out into the world and share what I have learned. I am so looking forward to taking the skills and practical knowledge I have gained here at Baylor to wherever it is that God calls me next."

Lauren Shively - MM �12

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