Verifying student submissions for TurnItIn assignments in Canvas

January 26, 2017
In the summer of 2016, TurnItIn introduced changes to its Canvas integration that occasionally cause student submissions to not appear in SpeedGrader. Until TurnItIn fixes these issues, you should make sure to check the TurnItIn interface in Canvas when student submissions fail to appear in SpeedGrader. TurnItIn users with larger classes may notice the problem more frequently than faculty with smaller class sizes.

Instructors have the ability to review assignment submissions in the TurnItIn interface from Canvas at the assignment level. Within any course in Canvas, click on the “Assignments” content area and click on the name of any TurnItIn assignment to view the TurnItIn interface, as shown below:

TurnItIn UI screenshot

Remember: Just because a TurnItIn assignment doesn’t appear in Canvas’s SpeedGrader doesn’t always mean that the student didn’t turn the assignment in. In the event of problems, always make sure to check the submission at the assignment level by clicking the icon circled in red above.

We apologize for any inconvenience and will notify our Canvas users when TurnItIn has resolved this issue. For any additional assistance with using TurnItin, visit our “Using TurnItIn” page under the “Help & Support” link in the Canvas portal or call the Help Desk at (254)710-HELP. To review the most recent method for creating TurnItIn assignments in Canvas, please view the video at

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