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5-on-5 Basketball

Registration Deadline: January 13, 2016
Captain's Meeting: January 14, 2016 at 4pm or 6pm McLane Student Life Center (SLC), Room 308
Games Begin: January 19, 2016
Season Length: 6 weeks
Tournament Format: Pool Play to All-University Tournament
Location of Games: McLane Student Life Center (SLC) Gym

The following are general rules. Detailed rules can be checked out from the Campus Recreation Office. 5-on-5 basketball games will follow the rules outlined in the NIRSA Basketball Rules Book.

  • A team consists of five (5) players. Four (4) players are required to start a game.


  • The following items are required uniform pieces:
    • Opposing teams must wear contrasting colored jerseys with a visible number on at least one side. (Colored pennies will be available). These jerseys must be tucked in at all times.
    • Players must wear pants or shorts without belt loops, drawstrings, or pockets.
  • The following items are prohibited:
    • Hats with an exposed hard bill.
    • Jewelry, including watches, rings, earrings, etc. Medical information tags are allowed a long as it is taped to the skin.
  • Players will be asked by the referee to remove any illegal equipment. Failure to do so in a timely manner will result in player disqualification.
  • The following items are allowed:
    • Playbooks. The playbook may not be made of a hard material, must remain on their person and must remain hidden throughout play.
    • Knit or stocking cap, headband, rubber or cloth bands to control hair.
  • Game start time is forfeit time.
  • Grace can be awarded to an opponent if and only if a representative of that team is signed in.
    • Grace is 10 minutes
    • Six (6) points are instantly given to the team who grants grace.
  • Games will consist of two 15 minute halves.
    • During the 1st half, the clock will not stop, except during timeouts.
    • During the 2nd half, at 2 minutes, the clock will stop for only free throws. After 1 minute, the clock will stop for every dead ball.
  • Each team will be allowed one 30-second timeout for the 1st half, and two 30-second timeouts for the second half.
  • Overtime (only in All-University Tournament)
    • If a game ends and the score is tied, a 2 minute overtime will be played.
    • Same timing rules as last two minutes of 2nd half will apply to overtime.
    • If game is still tied at the end of overtime, additional overtimes will be played until a winner is declared.
During Play:
  • Captains are the only players permitted to talk to any referee.
  • The referee's decisions are final in matters pertaining to the game.
  • Coaches are a luxury and should not be the cause of any problems. If a coach becomes a problem, he or she will be ejected from the game, and not allowed back for the rest of the season.
  • In order to enter the game, subs must check in at the score table and wait for the referee to wave you in.
  • If an individual receives 5 fouls, they foul out of the game.
  • If a team commits 7 fouls in a half, the opposing team will receive the bonus and shoot a 1 and 1 for each subsequent foul the rest of the half.
  • If a team commits 10 fouls, the opposing team will shoot 2 free throws for every subsequent foul the rest of the half.
  • Technical Fouls:
    • Any person charged for for profanity, intentional/flagrant fouls, and any other unsportsmanlike behavior will be given a technical foul.
      • Any person using profanity will then be automatically ejected from the game, and the team will receive a 1.0 sportsmanship rating.
    • The opposing team will shoot 2 free throws and get the ball back. If a team receives 3 technical fouls in 1 game, they will automatically forfeit.
All-University Tournament Eligibility:
  • In order to be eligible to compete in the All-University Tournament, teams must:
    • Be one of the top two teams of their division.
    • Obtain a cumulative rating of B (3.0) sportsmanship ranking during the regular season.
  • In addition, at-large bids will be awarded at the discretion of the Championship Selection Committee.

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