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09/24/2015Values-Based InvestingJim Ryan, managing director at Merrill Lynch at the the private banking and investment group in New York City, says investors today are demanding more from their portfolio. He says institutional investors have a greater responsibility to ensure that their own investments reflect their underlying ministry or mission.
09/17/2015Reforming Supply ChainsCompanies today compete as a supply chain. All it takes is a failure of just one supplier in the chain to cause the whole company to come under scrutiny. Diana Mao, president of Nomi Network, says a company has an obligation to ensure responsible practice in supply chains beyond the first tier.
09/10/2015Brands and Social GoodUsing a company’s profits to do good in the world has increasingly become the key to winning over consumers. From the very beginning, fashion pioneer Kenneth Cole has leveraged his platform to help catalyze social change. Amanda Cole, social impact strategist at Kenneth Cole, talks about “look good, for good.”
09/03/2015The A-TeamRuben Cantu, founder and CEO of Core Media Strategies, pairs investors with start-ups that have high potential. He knows what separates an A-team from a B-team, and the type of prime players investors are looking for.

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