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06/25/2015Time and QualityJason MacGregor took a closer look at the effect filing times have on the quality of audits. What he found is a bit counter intuitive.
05/21/2015Blowing the WhistleIt was an early fascination with the Enron scandal that sparked Amy Miller’s research on how likely someone will blow the whistle on someone else’s wrongdoing.
05/07/2015Reacting to ActivistsHow do activist organizations get companies to do what they want? What factors should a company take into consideration before responding to activists? Ted Waldron provides insights from his research on the topic.
04/30/2015New BeginningsNew business ideas are being pitched in an unconventional setting that may come as a surprise to some. MBA students are going to jail to help inmates develop business plans.
04/16/2015The Colorful Language of FinanceMore than most disciplines, the world of finance operates using a core of playful language. The industry’s terminology conveys the imagination required to address the financial challenges of daily life.

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