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04/16/2015The Colorful Language of FinanceMore than most disciplines, the world of finance operates using a core of playful language. The industry’s terminology conveys the imagination required to address the financial challenges of daily life.
04/09/2015What Gets Measured, Gets DoneThere’s been a disconnect between job performance evaluations and what firms want employees to achieve. An organization’s evaluation system impacts their workers’ behavior.
04/02/2015Touched by an AngelAngel investors “fill the gap” in funding young companies, with family and friends on one end and traditional venture capital on the other.
03/26/2015Investing in PeopleThere are hundreds of “angel groups” across the U.S. and around the world. What are they looking for when considering where to invest?”
01/29/2015Clarity of PurposeEntrepreneur Kevin Rustagi says the people who survive, even thrive, in the start-up world, all tend to be “hard-wired” the same. He says gritty people have deeply thought out, long-term goals and a “stick-to-it-ive-ness.”

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