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12/10/2015The Intersection of Art and InnovationKyle Ballarta, founder and CEO of Falkon Ventrues, sees many similarities in art and entrepreneurship. Ballarta graduated from some of the most prestigious performing arts institutes to pursue a career as a professional trumpet player. When a serious injury to his lungs ended his dream, he transposed his focus to business.
12/03/2015Pioneering New Venture Funding ModelsFounder and CEO of Falkon Ventures Kyle Ballarta, uses biology as a model to help design an improved, sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem. Ballarta says you can have both purpose and profits, resulting in a win-win for everyone involved – the entrepreneur, the investor and the community.
11/19/2015Presidential Models and MethodsDiana Mao, president of Nomi Network, is part of an elite group of Presidential Leadership Scholars. Established and taught by U.S. presidents Clinton and Bush, the program is designed to develop the skills of leaders from varied background. The scholars’ common thread is a commitment to helping solve society’s greatest challenges.
11/12/2015Tailored for SuccessWall Street Journal investment management expert Bill Reichenstein says, somewhere around the age of 50, it gets more difficult for Americans to find full-time employment. It often comes down to being over qualified.
11/05/2015Franklin Says What?!One of the most common misquotes attributed to Benjamin Franklin is “A penny saved is a penny earned.” It’s close, but it’s not Franklin. Franklin is best known as one of the foremost founders of a new nation. He helped define the American spirit through his wit and wisdom. Nationally recognized scholar on his business practices, Dr. Blaine McCormick, says Franklin is often misquoted.

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