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12/11/2014Happy, Happy, HappyShawn Achor researches how people can re-wire their brain to be happier. He says there are two things that accelerate the brain toward growth – the perception of progress and seeing the finish line as being close.
12/04/2014Happy is as Happy DoesHappiness fuels success – not the other way around – says Shawn Achor in his book “The Happiness Advantage.” He says that research shows us when we raise somebody’s level of happiness first by deepening their optimism and deepening their social connection, every single business outcome we can test for improves. Productivity rises 31%, sales rise cross industry by 37%, and you’re 40% more likely to receive a promotion. Happiness is actually a precursor to greater levels of success, not merely the result of it.
07/24/2014Easy as PieProfessor and Wall Street Journal blogger retirement expert, Bill Reichenstein, says the investment decision on which mutual funds to put in your retirement plan is simple.
07/17/2014Stash The Right Amount of CashHow much should you save for a comfortable retirement? Professor and Wall Street Journal blogger retirement expert, Bill Reichenstein, gives some pointers.
07/10/2014Go That Extra MileHuman resources and corporate services director, Jeff Lupinacci, says developing a "great place to work" atmosphere is one of the most strategic things an organization can do.

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