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07/10/2014Go That Extra MileHuman resources and corporate services director, Jeff Lupinacci, says developing a "great place to work" atmosphere is one of the most strategic things an organization can do.
06/26/2014Sweeten the DealHuman resources and corporate services director, Jeff Lupinacci, who has worked in all the major regions of the world, gives some advice on attracting and retaining top talent for multi-national, U.S.-based companies.
06/19/2014Who's Getting Promoted?Professor of management Sam Paustian-Underdahl studied a group of nurses from the Midwestern United States Medical Center — the way they managed work and family responsibilities, and how their boss perceived the way they managed it.
06/12/2014A Fresh StartEven if you have a bad boss, if you drop your "baggage" and approach each day with a fresh start, you'll thrive and do better at work.
06/05/2014Power People Isolation is the enemy when it comes to being captain of the ship, says Leadership Freak blogger, Dan Rockwell. He says leaders need three power people on their team… a visionary, a doer and someone with a tender heart.

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