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08/27/2015Perfect PitchPitchfest competitions have become quite popular with entrepreneurs seeking financing. Ruben Cantu, founder and CEO of Core Media Strategies, shares his top five tips when presenting ideas to investors, in order to nail a pitch.
08/13/2015Creating the Right Setting for SuccessLeadership expert Dan Rockwell says culture building helps to attract and retain the kind of people who will fulfill a company’s mission. He says some industries, such as banking, government and education, can be slower to change culture. He advises to start small, with a division, a team, or an office. And remember, a “great place to work” is often determined by what is tolerated on the job. For example, management allowing rudeness in a meeting, or allowing a great performer to break the rules.
08/06/2015Is the Customer Always Right?Research indicates that an employee’s repeated exposure to violations of moral principle can have a large impact on their personal life. Witnessing customers returning clothing they’ve worn, or abusing assistance programs, for example, leave employees depleted of energy to perform well at work, as well as causing friction with co-workers and their family at home.
07/30/2015Cake and KaleResearch indicates that if you want to eat healthy, but have a low degree of self-control, don’t avoid all of those unhealthy items you love. Instead, approach them as treats and consume them in moderation.
07/23/2015Cell Phone SnubbingFrom sending pictures of food on Snapchat, to “checking in” on Facebook, phone snubbing – or “phubbing” – can weaken a relationship, according to one professor’s research. Her advice? Establish mobile phone boundaries with your partner.

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