Baylor Business MBA

Application Process

Applicants must complete two separate applications, both of which are located in the Graduate School website. It does not matter which application you submit to first. Your transcripts and letters of recommendation can be used for both applications.

Length of MBA/ME Program

MBA/ME students are required to take 35 hours of core MBA courses. MBA elective courses are waived, so MBA/ME students are able to condense the MBA curriculum from three to two semesters. However, most MBA/ME students have an undergraduate degree in engineering, so they start their MBA degree with the Integrated Management Seminar. The 35 hours of MBA core courses plus the 12 hours of IMS results in 47 hours of required MBA coursework, which takes three semesters to complete. The combination of MBA and ME courses usually takes 24 months to complete.

Students can choose to start either the MBA or ME program, but they do not take classes for both programs simultaneously. In order to streamline the MBA requirements, students should take IMS in the summer semester, followed by the remaining MBA core courses in the fall and spring semesters. The Business School does not offer MBA core classes in the summer.

Grades for both sets of courses are recorded on the same transcript from Baylor's Graduate School.

Scholarship Opportunities

Each school has different criteria for admission and scholarships. It is possible to get accepted into one program and not the other. Likewise, it is possible to get a full scholarship from one school and nothing from the other school or a combination in between.

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