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INSIDER: Fearless Public Speaking
Courtney A. Harris, MBA Candidate

In his book, Fearless Public Speaking, Patrick King explains exactly what it takes for you to confidently prepare for a talk or presentation and command the stage once you're there

INSIDER: Shiftability
Luke Smith, MBA

Throughout our daily lives, we have many options. We can change our jobs, our bosses, our cities, and try endless news sales methods. However, unless we undergo personal transformation ourselves, external changes will not propel us where we want to go or help us become who we need to be

INSIDER: If the Point of Selling Isn't Selling, then What's the Point?
Courtney A. Harris, MBA Candidate

Salespeople will be more successful when they understand that the point of selling isn't selling. A salesperson's job is to help his or her customer make a better buying decision

INSIDER: Sales Growth
Erick Huntley, MBA

In their new book, Sales Growth, authors Baumgartner, Hatami, and Valdivieso lead the reader through a series of strategies designed to help sales executives and their organizations continue to grow in a continuously changing world

INSIDER: A Beautiful Constraint - Turning Obstaces Into Opportunities
Anand Vamsee Jonnabhotla, MBA/MSIS Candidate

In the book, A Beautiful Constraint, the authors, Adam Morgan and Mark Barden, take us through a series of real-world examples that show how constraints can positively impact a project and, in turn, help develop successful sustainable solutions

INSIDER: So, You're New to Sales
Austin Taylor, MBA Candidate

In his book So, You're New to Sales, Bryan Flanagan lays out every detail, step-by-step, that is necessary for the novice to become a professional agent

INSIDER: Smarter, Faster, Better
Erick Huntley, MBA Candidate

Productivity is a wonderful business buzzword, but what real-life impact does it have? For Charles Duhigg, this question can be answered with three simple words: Smarter, Faster, Better.

INSIDER: The Productivity Project
Courtney A. Harris, MBA Candidate

Author and blogger Chris Bailey claims that productivity is not about how much you do. Instead, productivity is all about how much you accomplish

INSIDER: Own Your Day
Amanda Rodriguez, MBA

In Own Your Day, author and sales coach Keith Rosen examines how sales leaders can put a dent in the stress and exhaustion. Rosen outlines strategies on how to refocus, minimize distractions, properly manage the precious little time we all have and create an ideal life

INSIDER: You Don't Have to be a Shark
Luke Smith, MBA Candidate

In his book You Don’t Have to Be a Shark, Shark Tank’s “nice shark” Robert Herjavec seeks to provide techniques for salespeople to sell themselves effectively, leveraging their greatest asset (themselves) in their daily life

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