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INSIDER: Own Your Day
Amanda Rodriguez, MBA

In Own Your Day, author and sales coach Keith Rosen examines how sales leaders can put a dent in the stress and exhaustion. Rosen outlines strategies on how to refocus, minimize distractions, properly manage the precious little time we all have and create an ideal life.

INSIDER: You Don't Have to be a Shark
Luke Smith, MBA Candidate

In his book You Don’t Have to Be a Shark, Shark Tank’s “nice shark” Robert Herjavec seeks to provide techniques for salespeople to sell themselves effectively, leveraging their greatest asset (themselves) in their daily life.

INSIDER: Get Set, Reset, Go
Erick Huntley, MBA Candidate

Oftentimes, life provides us with challenges, some of which require life-altering decisions just to get back on track and start living life again. A number of circumstances could occur, and there may not be a clear-cut answer to solve these problems. One possible method for recovery is through what best-selling author, Fawn Germer, calls a reset in her newest book.

INSIDER: Stretch: Extending Your Professional Expiration Date
Jack Kohles, MBA Candidate

One thing is certain about the business world of tomorrow: it is changing and the change is happening at a faster rate. When you hear the word change, what emotions come to your mind? If excitement is first on your mind, then you are positioned to handle the business world. If fear or reluctance are your dominant emotions, then this article will help you to prepare for change in the real estate industry.

Insider: Creating Maximum Value in the Real Estate Selling Process
Jack Kohles, MBA Candidate
To be a master storyteller, a real estate professional must master the customer conversation. In the book "The Three Value Conversations," authors Peterson, Riesterer, Smith, & Geoffrion focus on how to master the customer conversation.

Insider: The Science of Why
Andrew Miner
It is said that people hate to spend money, but that they love to buy. But why? Why do we buy what we buy?

Insider: Agile Selling
Luke Smith, MBA Candidate

For most people, sales agility is a new term. Top sellers are agile learners who know what it takes to dive into a new situation and figure it out quickly...

Insider: Thinking, Fast and Slow in Real Estate Sales
Mark McMullen, JD/MBA Candidate

Our decision-making processes utilize two systems in our minds that function very differently, yet work together to help us analyze situations and draw conclusions. Dr. Daniel Kahneman’s Thinking, Fast and Slow explores the interaction between the automatic system and the conscious system...

INSIDER: Neuro-Sell: How Neuroscience Can Power Your Sales Success
John Tran, MBA Candidate
Is there a connection between neuroscience and selling real estate? By exploring key functions of the brain's decision-making processes, Simon Hazeldine has discovered a way for sales professionals to increase the likelihood of closing a sale.

INSIDER: Socializing for a Spark: Finding Winning Ideas Through Your Connections
Wesley Bryan, MBA Candidate
We make connections every day, in person, over the phone or email, through Linkedin, and even via Snapchat. Every opportunity we have to meet people is another connection to a new prospective client.

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