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Managing Consumer Resistance to Internet-Based Services
Athanasios G. Patsiotis, PhD (Greece), Tim Hughes, PhD
(UK), and Don J. Webber, PhD (UK)

Internet-based applications are very commonplace within business and personal contexts. Online banking, chat-based customer service, and shopping are just some of the e-functions that permeate our day-to-day lives. Some consumers, though, show great resistance...

Word-of-Mouth Marketing: Talk Up Your Business
Stacey L. Schetzsle, PhD
With the increase in the number of blogs, consumer websites, and word-of-mouth outlets available to homebuyers, consumer-generated media is attracting...

Innovative Mobile Marketing via Smartphones: Are Consumers Ready?
Ajax Persaud, PhD (Canada) and Irfan Azhar, MEBT (Canada)
Today, the smartphone is central to the lives of most consumers regardless of age, gender or education level. In fact, many consumers cannot seem to live apart from...

INSIDER: How Technology is Changing the Sales Environment
Jacob Christie, MBA Candidate; Andrea Dixon, PhD; Curtis Schroeder, MBA Candidate; Mark Tarro, MBA Candidate; and Dennis Thé, MBA Candidate
In a recent issue of the Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, four scholars report on a research initiative involving sales practitioners in the United States and the...

INSIDER: Using "Power Questions" to Improve Your Business
Mark Tarro, MBA Candidate
Questions are a part of our everyday life and we can often overlook the importance and power of questions we ask. This is often because the person being asked...

INSIDER: Evolutionary Sales Success
Jacob Christie, MBA Candidate
Have you ever wondered how Pandora processes your musical preferences and recommends other music you might like? Or how Amazon finds and suggests the exact...

Using Online Reviews in Creative Selling
Katherine Taken Smith, DBA and W. Glynn Mangold, PhD
Think about the last time you purchased a book or selected a movie to see. How did you go about it? The chances are that your decision was influenced by what someone else...

INSIDER: Next Wave of Social Networking - Integrating The Visual
Aparna Sundar, PhD Student
Pinterest has all the elements for a right brain, visual thinker. Images, pin boards, minimal word content and high quality visuals that makes staying on the site feel like you are...

INSIDER: Establishing an Effective Search Engine Marketing Campaign
Mark Tarro, MBA Candidate
Whether a consumer knows it or not, using a search engine to browse content on the Internet automatically engages him with the world of Search Engine Marketing (SEM)...

Effective Information Management - Key Lever to Realizing Gains
William A. Weeks, DBA and Charles Fifield, MBA
In today's fast-paced, competitive marketplace, effective information management is arguably the most powerful non-employee lever to trigger sales productivity and...

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