Practicum in Portfolio Management

Financial Markets Center

Hands-on Learning

The student-managed investment portfolio, currently valued at approximately $7.0 million, is managed by students enrolled in a specially designed "hands-on" Finance course, the Practicum in Portfolio Management.

As part of the Practicum, you will learn the tools and techniques used by professionals to analyze and select individual stocks. The Practicum is a one-semester class offered by the Department of Finance, Insurance and Real Estate to graduate business students and senior finance majors with strong academic records. Students enrolled in this course manage the $7.0 million investment fund, which has been endowed with monies contributed by Baylor alumnus Philip M. Dorr and other Baylor alumni and friends, along with additional funds from the University.

Course Faculty

The course is taught by Mr. Brandon Troegle and Mr. Brian Bruce. The class meets on Mondays 5-8p.m. in the Hodges Financial Markets Center.

Class Structure

The class structure is designed after the operational format of a funds management firm and is built around student participation. Specifically, one- or two-person teams are assigned to cover each sector of the S&P 500. Although there are course readings, the course primarily consists of teams preparing and presenting to the class detailed reports on stocks in their sector. Every class member is involved in a discussion of each stock. Following the presentation and discussion, the team makes a recommendation on each stock. The class votes and the recommendations of the class are implemented.

How To Apply

Applications to enroll in the Practicum in Portfolio Management for are due the fourth week in October for the class that will be held the following Spring semester, and the third week in March for the class that will be held the following Fall semester. Further information on the application process can be found in the Finance Department (HSB 343), or by contacting Dr. Bill Reichenstein.

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