Casey Computer Center

Advanced Technology Lab - x4726

Baylor Business Casey Computer Center

The Advanced Technology Lab is located in the Business School on the second floor of the Cashion building in Room 200. The Adavnced Technology Lab has 96 computers, including a graphics station for video editing and 2 scanner stations.

The Advanced Technology Lab is available to all Baylor students. All businesss school students enrolled in at least one class in the business school during the fall and spring semesters will automatically have access to the lab as part of the HSB Electronic Resources Fee (except students enrolled in BUS 1125, BUS 3302, BUS 3303, LDS 1101, LDS 3101). Other students that want access to the lab must register for the $25 HSB Advanced Technology Lab fee. To review the lab policies and print the lab usage form, click here.

Lab users receive:

  • Storage space on the P:drive,
  • 300 pages worth of extra Paw Prints,
  • access to a color printer
  • graphics editing options
  • scanner stations
  • access to 3 meeting rooms to practice presentations and for other group projects
  • ability to borrow digital camera or digital camcorder

All computers in the ATLab have CD burners, a DVD burner and external USB connections for USB Flash Drives and headphones. All computers have Microsoft Office 2010 installed as well as specialized software required by business classes. Visit the Installed Software Page for a list of software available.

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