Business Ethics

Business Ethics Case Competition

Business Ethics

The 10th Annual Business Ethics Case Competition is an experiential and interactive way to help students understand the importance of ethics. The competition will be held November 6, 2015 and is open to both undergraduate and graduate teams.

Please direct all inquiries to Julie Tonkin, Administrative Associate to the Chavanne Chair of Christian Ethics (Mitchell Neubert), at

Use the tabs below for further competition details:


  • Teams will be segmented into leagues.
  • There will be a maximum of five leagues in the competition, depending on the number of qualifying graduate and undergraduate teams. Each league consists of 3-5 teams.
  • Each team consists of 4 graduate or 4 undergraduate current Baylor business students.

Sponsored Prizes

  • $1000 prize will be awarded to the First Place Team in each league.
  • Additional prizes for Best Presenter and Best Q/A will be awarded in each league.
  • Undergraduate league winners will be announced and prizes awarded on Thursday, November 12th at 7:30pm, before the Ethics Forum featured speaker presentation.
  • Graduate league winners will be announced on Friday, November 7th at 12:00pm, Cashion 5th floor before the MBA Ethics Luncheon.

Competition Procedures

  • To qualify for participation,teams must complete the form at the link below with:
    • Team members' names, majors, and contact information including email address of each member.
    • A short statement about the importance of ethical leadership in business
    • A statement of commitment to participate if selected.
  • Teams should submit the form by October 24th
  • Student teams will receive the case Wednesday, Nov. 5th at the Competition Launch in the Conference Room, 5th Floor CA, 6:00pm. Dr Pepper floats will be provided along with materials and instructions.
  • No outside help or coaching will be permitted after the case is distributed.
  • Student teams will present the case and their recommendations in a formal business presentation, including PowerPoint, Friday morning, Nov. 7th.
    • Each team will have 20 minutes to present and 10 minutes to answer questions.
    • Times will be randomly assigned time slots and rooms.
    • No handouts or props will be distributed or used.
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