A Fond Farewell to Cynthia Burgess

Armstrong Browning Library News

August 24, 2017
Cynthia Burgess

The Baylor Libraries have enjoyed the company and innovations of many librarians over the years and Cynthia Burgess is no exception. Burgess has been an asset to Armstrong Browning Library (ABL) for almost 29 years. This spring, the Libraries prepare to bid her adieu as she embarks on a life of well deserved retirement.

Burgess began working at Baylor in October 1988 as a senior library assistant for public services at the ABL. With a distinct interest in English literature and history, she proved a perfect candidate. In 1993, Burgess was named curator of books and printed materials. She was encouraged by Dr. Roger L. Brooks (ABL Director from 1987-1994) to work on her graduate degree in Library Science. She completed this degree in 1995 and added faculty to her title.

Throughout her tenure at ABL, Burgess had opportunities to travel to the UK, France, Italy, Canada, and many U.S. cities. She interacted with numerous scholars from around the world on these excursions, furthering the strength of collections at ABL and the Baylor Libraries mission.

“I have had the honor to work on a daily basis with priceless treasures, the artifacts of nineteenth-century writers whom I admire and of a historic period with which I have long been fascinated,” said Burgess.

Over the years, Burgess had a hand in acquiring resources and establishing aspects of the ABL collection base. Her various accomplishments include:

  • Recognition as a Baylor University Outstanding Professor for the 2003-2004 academic year
  • Establishing the Nineteenth Century Women Poets Collection
  • Leading the Willet Hauser Architectural Glass project, which developed six large stained glass windows for the ABL’s Cox Reception Hall, completed in 2007
  • Authoring of Italy and the Brownings: Reflections in Stained Glass in 2008
  • Editing The Works of Elizabeth Barrett Browning, published in London by Pickering & Chatto in 2010
  • First Academic Professional to achieve the rank of Librarian in 2013
  • Curator or co-curator of numerous library exhibitions from 1988 to 2016

“The people that I have encountered here at Baylor have made a significant difference in my life,” said Burgess. “It has truly been a privilege to be a part of Baylor’s ongoing story.”

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