Parents of Returning Students


• Students are experiencing a new level of expectations in their courses. Encourage them in their work and suggest they talk to their professors or get a tutor if they begin to struggle in a class.

• They also are beginning to realize the true impact of their degree and major as the time for them to enter their upper-level major courses approaches. Affirm their enthusiasm, and suggest they visit the Baylor Career Counseling office if they begin to doubt their decision.

• Some students, especially those pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree, may feel that they will "never" get to take their major courses. Explain that most of those courses are designed to be taken in the last two years of their college career and the courses they are currently taking are preparing them for what lies ahead.

• Many students begin exploring Study Abroad programs. These are a wonderful opportunity that will benefit your student in countless ways.

World Cultures III Field Trip


• Students have now left the comfort and predictability of the BIC and are fully immersed in their major courses. This can be a bit overwhelming and very exciting!

• They also begin to realize the skills they have learned through the BIC courses and how advantageous they are in the major classes.

• Students are searching for internship opportunities and graduate school possibilities, especially if they are taking the MCAT for medical school. Encourage them to work on this throughout the year so they are not overwhelmed entering their senior year.


• Students are now finishing their major courses and choosing post-graduate paths. They are pursuing graduate schools and employment opportunities. Remind them to "finish strong" and use their connections at Baylor.

• They should also keep in touch with their BIC professors and advisors as they are good references for applications.

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