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Interest Groups

Interest Groups


Interest groups are a vital part of Round Table. These groups provide opportunities for women across all parts of the Baylor family to meet based on a common interest. These gatherings are where you get to know each other in a more intimate setting. Some of these groups meet monthly, others meet occasionally during the year, and some host a one-time event. Below you can find a list of interest groups for the current year with a description of the group and the group leader's contact information.

2014-2015 Interest Group Coordinator: Allison Yanos

2014-2015 Assistant Interest Group Coordinator: Marilyn Eichelberger Marilyn

Book Club

Catch the Spirit with a good book! Join a group of women who love to read. Books read are selected by the group. Meetings take place in club member’s homes on various nights of the week throughout the year. September’s book selection was The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, which was the One Book One Waco summer selection. Our October selection is The White Princess by Philippa Gregory. Meeting details and further book selections will be emailed out to the group.

Leader: Chris Wilkins

Bridge for Beginners and Refreshers

If you have already taken bridge lessons and are "not yet ready for prime time" bridge or maybe you have been out of the game for a while, then this is the group for you! The first meeting is not yet scheduled but sign up today, and Shelley Brooks will contact you with dates!

Leader: Shelley Brooks

Day Bridge

Join this group on the 4th Tuesday of each month at 11:30 a.m. at the McMullen Faculty Center for lunch and bridge. More information will be coming soon.

Leader: Suzanne Alcorn

Mentoring Waco Students Interest Group "I have formed deep, strong bonds with my LEAD mentees, and it is a joy and honor to be a part of their lives. I have even gotten to know their families quite well. It’s been a blessing!" - Berkley Knas, current LEAD mentor.

The Greater Waco Chamber of Commerce’s LEAD Mentor Program needs more mentors for our high school students! If you and/or your spouse are interested in mentoring a Waco high school student, please join the "Mentoring Waco Students" Interest Group and become a LEAD mentor!

The LEAD program matches a Waco professional to one or more mentees who attends University High, Waco High, Rapoport or Harmony Science Academy. The mentees have been identified by their school administrators and teachers as leaders and strong academic students. The Chamber organizes monthly tours during the school year (usually 5-7 tours per month) at a variety of businesses, organizations, etc. The tours are usually two hours. When the Chamber sends out the tour schedule each month, you decide which tours you can attend that month (usually one or two), and then ask your mentees if they can go on those tours.

Please visit the LEAD website for more information: contact Berkley.

Leader: Berkley Knas

On-Campus Lunch Group

Food, friends and fellowship! Gather at the McMullen faculty Center for lunch and conversation during the fall and spring semesters.

Leader: Allison Yanos or Jennifer Borderud

Off-Campus Lunch Group

This group meets monthly for lunch throughout the year at various Waco restaurants. The purpose of the group is to enjoy good food and fellowship.

Leader: Judy Maggard or Carol Gene Graves

Girls' Night Out Dinner Group

Come join friends for dinner at a different restaurant each month. We meet for dinner around 5:30 p.m. and have a great time of fellowship and getting to know each other.

Leader: Julie Covington

Mama Bears with Cubs Interest Group

Are you looking for something to do with your Round Table friends and little ones? This group will focus on kid-friendly activities and outings, such as visits to the park, Mayborn Museum, and kid & budget friendly eating establishments. This is a new group, and I am open to ideas for activities. Our goal is to have an activity at least once a month. Come as often as your schedule allows.

Leader: Kym Schubert

Welcome Families/People Around the World Sharing (PAWS)

The People Around the World Sharing (PAWS) program through the Center for International Education offers friendship to international students who are a long way from home, family and familiar culture. The program strives to build bridges of understanding among people of different nations by connecting international students with U.S. families. If you are interested in being a Welcome Family and extending a hand of friendship and hospitality to an international student, please visit the website for further information. Once you fill out and submit the application available on the Center for International Education's website, they will partner you with a student within a few days.

Leader: Melanie Smith

Baylor Theatre Group

This group meets at 6:30 p.m. in the Hooper-Schaefer Faculty Lounge before attending the Friday evening performances of Baylor Theatre productions. The directors of the plays are invited to speak to the group informally about the productions, while everyone enjoys light refreshments provided by group members. Spouses and/or guests are welcome.

Dates for the 2014-2015 season are October 3 (Into the Woods), November 14 (One-Third of a Nation), February 13 (The Underpants), March 27 (Appropriate), and May 1 (Twelfth Night).

Leaders: Cyndie Burgess or Janet Sheets

Proposed New Interest Groups:

The Interest Group Coordinators propose establishing the following new groups this year. The group descriptions listed below are rather broad, as we would like the new group leaders and members to have freedom in determining the groups’ structure and activities.

We are seeking group leaders or co-leaders for four of the five groups listed below. Please contact Allison Yanos ( or Marilyn Eichelberger ( if you are interested in serving as a leader. Leading an interest group is a great way to get more involved in Baylor Round Table without a large time commitment.

Community Service Interest Group
This group would organize and participate in one-time service projects in the Waco area once or twice a year, probably on Saturdays. The group could take part in other volunteering/service opportunities throughout the year, if the members desire.

Leader: Shanna Singletary:

Sports/Fitness Interest Group
Depending on the interests of its members, this group could take part in a number of sports or fitness related activities, such as: attend yoga classes together, walk the Bear Trail, play tennis or racquetball, go paddle boarding or kayaking, go hiking in Cameron Park, be exercise buddies for each other, etc. If there is enough interest, the group could split into more specific sub-groups or separate interest groups.

Movie Night Interest Group
A group that meets to watch a movie together (perhaps at the Waco Hippodrome After the movie, the members could discuss the movie while enjoying dinner or dessert. Spouses and/or guests are welcome.

Music Appreciation Interest Group
The Baylor campus and Waco community offer many amazing music performances. This group could decide on 1-2 local performances to attend together each month, as well as attend music related lectures and other activities. If desired, the group could travel to Dallas or Austin for a special performance. Spouses and/or guests are welcome.


Supper Club
A supper club is a rotating dinner party and/or cooking club. Members meet in each other’s homes and have dinner together. The structure of a supper club can vary: some clubs cook together at the meetings while others have participants each bring an already prepared course or dish. Most supper clubs have themed menus, but in some clubs, the hostess assigns specific dishes to participants while other clubs allow the members to choose a dish that meets the chosen theme. This Interest Group will decide on the organization structure and details at its first meeting.

Some helpful resources:
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