Reporting A Crime

In certain instances, a crime victim may be reluctant to file a report fearing the "process" and/or loss of his/her anonymity. In such circumstances, crime victims are still encouraged to make a confidential report to one of the designated campus authorities. At minimum, crime victims will receive important counseling and referral information. Confidential reports are important because they provide valuable information that can enhance the safety of the community-at-large and such reports will (at least) provide a more accurate portrait of actual campus crime. (Remember, help is available, all you need to do is ask.)

To report a crime, contact the Baylor Police Department at (254) 710-2222 or by using the Emergency Call Box telephones, located on the campus and in the parking garages. In addition, you may report a crime to the following areas:

1. Associate Dean for Judicial and
Legal Student Services
(254) 710-1715 Suite 270, Clifton Robinson Tower
2. Director, Counseling Services (254) 710-2467 McLane Student Life Center
3. Director, Health Services (254) 710-1010 McLane Student Life Center
4. Associate Vice President for
Student Life
(254) 710-1314 McLane Student Life Center
5. Director, Campus Living
and Learning
(254) 710-3642 Penland Residence Hall
6. Assistant Vice President
for Human Resources
(254) 710-8562 Clifton Robinson Tower, Suite 200
7. Director, Student Activities (254) 710-2371 Bill Daniel Student Center,
Room 101.6
8. Director, Athletic Department (254) 710-1222 Floyd Casey Stadium