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Baylor production of 'The Dazzle' explores the lives of two New York recluses 6/26/2009
Baylor Researcher Observes Increase in Red Eastern Screech Owls as Climate Warms 6/24/2009
Alaskan Earthquake 'to be Expected,' says Baylor Researcher 6/22/2009
Alaska Stream Experiments, Summer 2009 6/20/2009
Baylor Literacy Camp Receives $85,000 from Waco Scottish Rite 6/19/2009
New Baylor Study Looks At Human Responses To Climate Change 6/19/2009
Baylor University Nets Five Wins at Kerrville Art Fair 6/18/2009
Unlocking Encryption with Math 6/18/2009
A Chemical Communication 6/17/2009
Baylor Advanced Research Institute 6/17/2009
Baylor's partnership with Waco Independent School District is an obvious win-win for educational enrichment, but how does that close working relationship also help drive economic development? 6/17/2009
Beyond the clay door 6/17/2009
Binding Metals 6/17/2009
Cataloging Compounds 6/17/2009
Correlating epilepsy and emotional disorders 6/17/2009
Experiment on the lasting effects of alcohol exposure to adolescents 6/17/2009
Faculty Research Investment Program (FRI P) 6/17/2009
How do the partnerships Baylor has built with other Waco and central Texas organizations help leverage the university's contributions to economic development? 6/17/2009
How does Baylor as a research institution serve as an engine of economic development and enhance the economic vitality of Waco and central Texas? 6/17/2009
Hypertension: Hot on the Trail of a Silent Killer 6/17/2009
The mirror image in medicine 6/17/2009
What are some of the special economic development opportunities we have in Waco and central Texas? 6/17/2009
What role do Baylor arts and humanities programs play in the life of an economically vibrant community? 6/17/2009
New Baylor Study Looks At Human Responses To Climate Change 6/16/2009
Young alum’s fashion industry connections to help impoverished women 6/15/2009
A sneak peek at this fall’s freshman class 6/2/2009
Ventriloquist’s many voices make Dunham America’s best-selling comic 6/1/2009