Baylor University Institute of Archaeology

The Institute of Archaeology at Baylor University is offering a number of scholarships to support Baylor students attending archaeology field schools in summer 2016.

Institute of Archaeology Application Guidelines

Supporting Materials
You do not need to be formally accepted into a field school program or university at the time of application. However, scholarships will not be paid until the Institute of Archaeology is satisfied that the awardee has been formally accepted into a program or university. Normally, the Institute of Archaeology will arrange to pay tuition and other costs directly to the institution.

1. A personal statement explaining why you are interested in your proposed field school program (one page in length).

2. Two letters of support from individuals familiar with your academic or work background, such as professors or supervisors (short, concise evaluations).

3. A proposed budget explaining financial need and how funds will be expended (one page in length).

Deadline and Submission
The complete application must be received by March 15, 2016 to the Director of the Institute of Archaeology, Baylor University, Dr. Sarah Alexander.

Reporting Requirements
If awarded the scholarship, you are required to report on your experiences to the Institute of Archaeology in an informal meeting sometime during the Fall Semester following the field school. Photographs accompanying the report are encouraged. The Institute of Archaeology reserves the right to use your photographs and report to promote the scholarships program.

Report format (one page, single-spaced)
Name of the program
Director of program
Dates attended
Brief description of the research program
Include answers to these questions:
1. What was the highlight of your experience?
2. What new skills did you learn as a result of your experience?
3. How will your experience enhance your career and enable you to contribute to the field of archaeology?

Application for Institute of Archaeology Scholarship

Please forward your application to Dr. Sara Alexander

Awards will be announced on April 1, 2016