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Always an Open Door


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Steve Swinney (BA '74)

While Steve Swinney was in-between jobs, it was a connection with another Baylor alum that steered him to land the right job.

"Being a Baylor graduate is a door opener," Steve reflected. "It's a commonality of values--an opening for other Baylor alumni who want to share and help each other."

And the networking ventures continue.

Steve continues to recognize the familiar strengths that characterize Baylor alumni. "Baylor graduates share values in terms of business, integrity and treating clients well," Steve explained. "They learn the business and you can confidently let them go do it."

"I've been able to network with the Baylor family for my own employment, to help hire another Baylor alum and also to generate business," Steve said. "With Baylor graduates, the door usually is going to be opened."

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