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The Value of Family...Baylor Family


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Jordan Hamilton, BBA '06

Experience strengthens a resume, but references are essential to land the job. For Jordan Hamilton, networking with seasoned professionals in the Baylor family was the launch pad for his career.

Having recently returned to Dallas after a year of mission work overseas, Jordan was in earnest need of advice and direction in the job market. When an email about a Baylor Business Network event landed in his inbox, he knew that was his ticket.

That day, Jordan was reminded of the value of family…the Baylor Family. Through Baylor connections, Jordan gained a career path, a great employer and a mentor.

"I didn't realize that Baylor alumni would be such an asset," Jordan reflected. "For me, attending Baylor was a life-changing four years, and in that way, I think Baylor grads have a natural connection with other Baylor grads."

Sharing the Best-kept Secret

Daniel Patino, BA '08

Fast-forward a couple years. Now immersed in his career, Jordan had gained the wisdom Daniel Patino (BA '08) would need.

After spending several months pursuing his passion for cooking by working to become a chef, Daniel decided it was time for a new career path. He was ready to make his way in the world of business.

Jordan immediately encouraged Daniel to network--a suggestion that paid off. Taking the advice, Daniel landed a rewarding job that got his feet on the ground.

"It's good to reconnect with people who have the same beliefs you do," Daniel said. "You can learn a lot from other alumni. They have plenty of war stories and are willing to help you."

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