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Graduate & Professional Programs

Baylor offers more than 100 graduate degree programs through the schools and colleges of the University. Currently, more than 1,300 students are pursuing graduate degrees at Baylor.

People from all around the world choose Baylor for their post-graduate degrees for a variety of reasons. But no matter how they get to Baylor or what course of study they choose, they find at the heart of the Graduate School, the same essence: academic rigor, brilliant and accessible faculty, world-class facilities, endless opportunities for research and an environment rich in tradition and progress.

Research is one of the cornerstones of Baylor graduate education. For all of the disciplines in the sciences, humanities and business, students are encouraged and supported by a dedicated university, expert faculty and fellow cohorts to explore the reaches of their discipline, connect with others in their respective field and collaborate in a meaningful way through presentations and conferences.

Baylor also offers Executive MBA programs in Dallas and Austin. These 21-month programs seek to produce business leaders with recognized integrity, superior theoretical knowledge and practical skills of modern global business developed through an experiential learning environment. The programs place a strong focus on leading with integrity to prepare students for ethical decision making in today's complex business environments.