Alumni, Parents and Friends

Baylor alumni, parents and friends share a family bond rooted in over 170 years of rich history. Whether you enjoy connecting with other Baylor alumni and parents through Baylor Alumni Network and other events in your area or through publications like Baylor Magazine, social media tools, or campus events like Family Weekend and Homecoming, your role in the family is a vital one. From young grads to members of the Heritage Club and from first-generation parents to those whose Baylor legacies go back many years and to friends new and old, this page provides you with important resources and reminders to make your Baylor connections even more meaningful.

Cross Country. Cross Country Begins 2016 Hosting Bear Twilight Invitational

Baylor's cross country teams will open the 2016 season by hosting the annual Bear Twilight Invitational at the Heart of Texas Soccer Complex Thursday.

Football. Can't Make It To McLane?

Connect and share in the experience of Baylor's season opener by following the action on our social media platforms.

Football. Gameday Parking Impact on Campus

This Friday, Sept. 2, Baylor will open the 2016 football season at 6:30 p.m. versus Northwestern State at McLane Stadium.

W. Volleyball. VB Pounds Out Road Win Over Texas State

Baylor volleyball (3-1) kicked off an eight-match road trip with a 3-1 victory over the Texas State Bobcats (1-3) in front of a record-crowd at Strahan Coliseum.

Baylor Lariat: Aloe Blacc performs for the Baylor Traditions Rally

Aug. 31, 2016
Fountain Mall will be filled with students singing along with award winning artist Aloe Blacc on Thursday night at the Baylor Traditions Rally, a time for the Baylor and Waco communities to join together to celebrate the upcoming football season.

Closer Magazine: We might know how you can spot a psychopath...

Aug. 30, 2016
A study by Baylor researcher Brian Rundle indicates that “contagious yawning” is associated with empathy, while psychopaths were less likely to “catch” a yawn from another person. The study by Rundle, a doctoral candidate in psychology and neuroscience, was published in the Journal of the International Society for the Study of Individual Differences. (Terry Goodrich, assistant director of Baylor Media Communications, pitched this research nationally in August 2015. She covers psychology and neuroscience research and faculty.)

KXXV-TV: McLane Stadium Game-Day Improvements for 2016 Baylor Football Season

Baylor’s McLane is the first Big 12 stadium to add metal detectors to its game-day security efforts which helped garner the Facility of Merit for Safety and Security Award by the National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security (NCS4). Also new this year is a pre-game concert series, which will begin right after the Bear Walk.

Men’s Fitness Magazine: Wanna Lose Weight? Work Out With a Jacked Gym Partner

Aug. 30, 2016
While overweight people may be more comfortable with people of a similar build, they are more likely to drop weight if they include leaner people in their social circle, according to Matthew Andersson, Ph.D., assistant professor of sociology in Baylor’s College of Arts & Sciences. His study was published recently in the journal Obesity. (Terry Goodrich, assistant director of Baylor Media Communications, covers sociology research and faculty.)

#BearsOfBaylor — “I would love to work and be a professor here…”

“I want to be a professor… I didn’t decide to go to graduate school until December of my senior year. I was actually applying to jobs in corporate finance when I just thought, I do want to be a professor, why am I going to take time off and work for a few years and […]

Baylor nursing alumni turn hospitalized kids into superheroes

Imagine you’re 6 years old again. But instead of running through the playground, climbing trees, and learning to ride a bike, you’re stuck in a hospital bed, surrounded by fluorescent lights and the hums and whirs of medical machinery. Unfortunately, that’s the reality for many children in the United States. But some Baylor nursing alumni are […]

Baylor family has 50 years of photos with Judge Baylor

If you love Baylor, you probably have some pictures of you and your friends and family with Judge Baylor. It’s a rite of passage for every Bear, and is even part of the Baylor Bucket List. But you probably don’t have as many as Donna Oates’ family. Since Oates first stepped onto the Baylor campus for a […]

#BearsOfBaylor — “If I go to law school in Nigeria, I’ll practice there.”

“I got a scholarship from Nigeria to come to Baylor, [majoring in] international studies. I’m thinking of going to law school and doing immigration law. I’m thinking of going to Baylor Law! It’s one of my options – or SMU. Those are my two main options right now. I’m super excited about it. … “If I […]

Remembering Our Hope: Panel Discussion to Explore How Friendship Can Enrich Community and Cultivate Virtue

WACO, Texas (Aug. 31, 2016) – Baylor University students, faculty, staff and alumni will explore how friendship can enrich community and cultivate virtues during a panel discussion, “Companions in Hope: Why Community Is Good but Friendship Is Better,” at 1:30 p.m. Friday, Sept. 2, in Roxy Grove Hall. A Vespers and music service will follow the discussion at 3 p.m., also in Roxy Grove.

Dr. Michael Korpi Awarded the SMPTE Excellence in Education Medal

WACO, Texas (Aug. 29, 2016) – Michael Korpi, Ph.D., professor of film and digital media, has been awarded the first Excellence in Education Medal Award from the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE).

Three Baylor Professors Designated Master Teachers

WACO, Texas (Aug. 26, 2016) – Baylor University Interim President David E. Garland has announced the designation of Master Teacher – the highest honor granted to Baylor faculty members for sustained excellence in teaching – has been conferred on Corey P. Carbonara, Ph.D., professor of film and digital media, College of Arts & Sciences; T. Laine Scales, Ph.D., professor of higher education, School of Education, and associate dean of graduate studies and professional development, Graduate School; and Gaynor I. Yancey, D.S.W., professor of social work, Diana R. Garland School of Social Work.

Musical Tastes Are Cultural in Origin, Not ‘Hard-wired’ in the Brain, Study Suggests

WACO, Texas (Aug. 23, 2016) — Scientists previously thought musical preferences are “hard-wired” in the brain, but a new study of a remote Amazonian farming and foraging community suggests that musical tastes are cultural in origin. One of the study’s authors, published in the journal Nature, is Alan Schultz, Ph.D., M.P.H., assistant professor of anthropology in Baylor’s College of Arts & Sciences.