About Research

As part of the international community of scholars, Baylor University serves the world through research discoveries and creative endeavors that illuminate solutions to significant challenges confronting our world.


Our institution's Christian foundation offers distinctive insights into issues such as social responsibility, health care, economic growth, human rights, poverty, diversity, sustainability, and our understanding of our identity as human beings within the created order. Discover Baylor Research, and how we are impacting the world today.

Research and Discovery

To challenge minds. To change the world.

Sniffing Out Cancer

It's not just about building the first mechanical dog's nose. It's greater than that.

Saving Lives

It's not just about saving the eye of a child. It's greater than that.

Building Healthier Lives

It's not just about igniting the engine of small business. It's greater than that.

Saving the Oceans

It's not just about tracking the longest-living mammal. It's greater than that.

Helping Families Heal

It's not just about identifying lost souls. It's greater than that.

Unlocking the Patterns of Life

It's not just about unearthing a microbial treasure. It's greater than that.

Ensuring Clean Water

It's not just about reducing chemicals in our water. It's greater than that.

Ending Hunger in America

It's not just about feeding every family in Texas. It's greater than that.

Stopping the Spread of Disease

It's not just about surviving the kiss of death. It's greater than that.

Research @ Baylor

Baylor's research is world changing.