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Karen Price Named Fellow of the ASA,  May 2016 

Karen L. Price, a 2001 graduate of our Ph.D. Program, has been named Fellow of the American Statistical Association.  She was award this honor for outstanding leadership in the development and implementation of Bayesian Methods contributing to global change in clinical drug development, for her contributions to mentoring and teaching, and for service to the profession. Karen holds the position of Research Advisor, Advanced Analytics, Eli Lilly and Company. She is also Adjunct Professor of Statistical Sciences at Baylor University. At Lilly, she currently leads Bayesian methods efforts in the Advanced Analytics/Science Driven Adaptive Programs group with particular focus on advancing the use of Bayesian methods for design and decision making throughout the drug development process. She created and chairs the DIA Bayesian Scientific Working Group, which includes members in Industry, Regulatory, and Academia. The group’s mission is to ensure that Bayesian methods are well-understood, accepted, and broadly utilized throughout medical product development. Her research interests include Bayesian meta-analysis, Bayesian methods for safety signal detection and evaluation, and Bayesian design and analysis of clinical trials. She serves as Associate Editor for the Journal of Pharmaceutical Statistics.