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Student Stories

Adreanne Dugger 100x125
Adreanne Dugger
MSW 2014

Growing up, Adreanne Dugger had not planned on studying social work. It just wasn't something she thought of as part of the path she wanted to pursue. She dreamed of becoming a counselor or a therapist, so, naturally, she majored in psychology as an undergraduate at Baylor. Little did she know a degree in social work would truly be the helping profession she had long-been attracted to as a child. Read more...

John David 100x125
John David
MSW 2015

From homelessness to Baylor: Nigerian student plans to help others through difficult times.
Meet John David, a first-year Global Mission Leadership (GML) student, working on a dual degree combining an MDiv from Truett Seminary and an MSW from the School of Social Work. John is married to Chabraba and they have two children, Callidora and Charissa. John and his family came to the U.S. from Nigeria. Read more...

Kady Valois 100x125
Kady Valois
BSW 2014

Kady Valois' passion for helping others and her love for children led to her interest in social work, but it was a random call for jury duty that truly peaked her interest. The summer before Kady started college, she was called for jury duty and was selected for a case dealing with child advocacy. Read more...