Clinic Resources

Books, Manuals, Handouts, and DVD's

The Baylor Autism Resource Clinic has a large collection of books, manuals, and dvds that are available for check-out. These are available to everyone in the community to check-out for free from the clinic located at the Baylor Center for Developmental Disabilities at the Hillcrest MacArthur Clinic. Click on the Contact Us link for location information.   

Autism Resource Clinic Book List: A complete list of our books, manuals, and dvds.

BARC-Book Checkout List

If you would like to request that the BARC add certain materials or books, please email

Baylor Autism Clinic Resource Directory

The BARC has an Autism Resource Directory that is a resource for parents, educators and organizations seeking information about community services for children and adults with Autism Sepctrum Disorders within the Central Texas Region.

The items within the Autism Resource Directory are submitted by parents and community members and is updated on a frequent basis. 

Here is the link to our most current Autism Resource Directory: