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Optical and Electronic Properties of Semiconductor Heterostructures


Dr. Linda Olafsen's research focuses on the optical and electronic properties of semiconductor heterostructures, particularly those which are antimonide-based and may be layered for emission and absorption in the mid-infrared portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. These "wave-function engineering" devices have within their structures elaborate combinations of finite quantum wells and tunneling barriers, making them very practical applications of introductory quantum mechanics. The target wavelength range is between 3 and 5 μm, and these wavelengths are important for countermeasures and for developing chemical sensors that are at least 100 times more sensitive than those operating in the near-infrared.

Her laboratory has a unique capability for tuning the near-infrared optical pumping wavelength using an optical parametric oscillator, and she is working to more directly connect optical pumping and electrical injection experiments in the development of mid-infrared devices.

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