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Frank Lanning (d.1987)

Exhibition Cartoon
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Frank Lanning, Jr. grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, but moved to Providence, Rhode Island, when his father, Charles P. Lanning, , got a job as the cartoonist at the Providence Journal-Bulletin. When they moved back to Cleveland a few years later, Lanning became his father's understudy. After his father passed, he took over as the newspaper cartoonist and then a few years later moved back to Providence where he became the full-time cartoonist at the Journal, following in his father's footsteps.

Frank Lanning spent 46 years as the legendary sports cartoonist at the Providence newspaper, where his cartoons gained national attention year after year.

Lanning demonstrated a selfless commitment to athletics not only in the pages of the newspaper, but also through his work for Bryant College. He designed mascots and logos for their sports teams, as well as covers for sport publications and sporting events. He is credited with creating the most memorable logo the Raging Rooster which appeared in 1948. His work for Bryant College spanned 40 years.

He is remembered by those who worked with him as "one of the nicest people you would ever meet." He was as popular as any of the writers, probably because every year he included caricatures of the newspaper staff in his cartoons.

Frank Lanning passed away in 1987.