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What's an international internship like?
Graduate student Ryan Pierce recently did his international internship in Brussels, Belgium, working for the European Journalism Centre with MIJ graduate Helene Massart, who is a staff member there.

MIJ students work on media team in China
MIJ students Henry Chan and Cody Winchester spent nine days working with digital media storytelling for the International Collegiate Programming Contest in Harbin, China, in spring 2010.

Chan worked as a photojournalist and Winchester was a writer/editor, both blogging and filing story packages about this event that involves many of the most elite college computer programmers from six continents.

M.I.J Program outline

Academic Advisement

The Director of Graduate Studies in Journalism, Public Relations & New Media closely advises graduate students in the M.I.J. program. Course loads and selections are made to suit the individual student. In addition to the course requirements listed below, students are expected to be proficient in one language other than their native language. This is certified by an examination as early in the program as possible.

36 Total Hours Required

Journalism, PR & New Media Core Courses

JOU 5300 Seminar in International Journalism ________

JOU 5310 Research Methods in Mass Communication ________

JOU 5320 Seminar in Mass Communication Theory ________

Secondary Core Courses

ECON 5338 Seminar in World Economic Systems ________

Plus 3 hours chosen from:

CHS 4360 Religion and the Body Politic ________

ECON 5330 Problem Areas in International Economics ________

ECON 5334 Economic Development ________

ECON 5338 Seminar in World Economic Systems ________

EDA 5303 International and Comparative Education ________

ENT 4350 International Entrepreneurship ________

ENV 5310 World Food Problems ________

ENV 4321 Energy Economics ________

ENV 4350 Development and Indigenous Peoples ________

ENV 5350 The Environment and Third-World Development ________

HIS 4339 Cultural and Intellectual History of Modern Europe ________

HIS 4357 Inter-American Relations ________

MFL 4376 Asian Literature in Translation ________

MGT 5325 International Management ________

PHI 4340 East Asian Philosophy ________

PHI 4341 Contemporary Continental Philosophy ________

PSC 4325 Asian International Relations ________

PSC 4365 International Political Economics ________

PSC 4375 International Organization ________

PSC 5324 Seminar in Comparative Politics ________

PSC 5320 Seminar in Comparative Public Policy ________

PSC 4305 International Law ________

REL 5343 Contemporary African Religion ________

REL 5344 History of Comparative Religion ________

REL 5346 Judaism and Islam ________

REL 5347 Religions of India ________

SOC 5305 Multicultural Societies ________

GEOG 4315 Political Geography ________

Plus 3 hours chosen from:

PSC 4304 Governments and Politics of Latin America ________

PSC 4314 Government and Politics of Mexico ________

PSC 4324 Governments and Politics of the Middle East ________

PSC 4344 Government and Politics of Russia ________

PSC 4364 Governments and Politics of the Asia-Pacific Region ________

PSC 4374 Governments and Politics of East Asia ________

ANT 4310 Societies and Cultures of East Asia ________

ANT 4312 Societies and Cultures of Africa ________

HIS 4305 Modern China ________

LAS 4350 Latin American Studies Seminar ________

Graduate-Level Electives

Courses chosen with approval of the Director of Graduate Studies in Journalism, PR & New Media and the Dean of the Graduate School, permitting the M.I.J. student to specialize in one supporting discipline, such as economics, environmental studies, political science, etc.


JOU 5VO1 International Journalism Internship ________

One semester spent within the student's international area of specialization. This may take the form of university work at a non-U.S. institution, employment with a U.S. or non-U.S. organization abroad or association with Christian mission posts abroad with the approval of the graduate director.

Leveling courses

If the undergraduate degree is not in journalism, students must take nine hours of leveling courses:

Beginning Reporting ________

Beginning Editing ________

One of the Following:

Advanced Reporting ________

Advanced Editing ________

Journalism History ________

Students who need to take the leveling courses must finish those courses or be concurrently enrolled in them before moving on in the degree program. The department encourages students to take these courses in the summer prior to beginning graduate course work in the fall.

Students who have not taken a mass communication law and ethics course will be required to take JOU 4380 Law and Ethics of Journalism as one of their journalism elective courses.