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Video Profile of Dr. Moody-Ramirez
produced by our students

Mia Moody-Ramirez
Dr. Mia Moody-Ramirez

Clark Baker
Dr. Clark Baker

Carol Perry Prof. Carol Perry

Julie-Freeman2Julie Freeman, assistant adviser,
Baylor Lariat

Maxey in Italy Resized Image Prof. Parrish and his daughter, Mary,
in Venice, Italy.

Journalism students Landen Ellis, Krista Pirtle
and Morgan Hanley interview Professor
Mia Moody-Ramirez in her home.
(Photo credit: Hannah Mount)


Instruction focuses on the latest techniques in journalism education, while remaining grounded in real-world applications. Our goal is to reach beyond theory into practice. All faculty have both outstanding academic credentials and professional experience in journalism.

We've won numerous awards for our teaching excellence and achievements in the field. In fact, one of our faculty members, Dr. Bob Darden, won the 2011 Cornelia Marschall Smith Professor of the Year Award for making a superlative contribution to Baylor's learning environment.

Each professor is concerned about keeping instruction strong academically and ahead of job market trends to ensure every student's success. Please feel free to contact any faculty member with questions.

Featured Faculty

Moody-Ramirez Excels in Verve, Multi-Cultural Research

Dr. Mia Moody-Ramirez said she was an avid mass media consumer while growing up. She also read several novels a week and various magazines. And she spent her youth watching television shows – when media rarely featured people of color.

"We used to get really excited if a black person happened to be on TV," she said.

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Baylor Professor Still Capturing His Passion

Dr. Clark Baker has worked at Baylor for 20 years, five of those years he served as the chair of the department. He has done great amounts of photography work in his years at Baylor contributing to Focus magazine aside from teaching his numerous photography classes.

"Our new digital photo lab would not have happened without Dr. Baker's vision and leadership." Dr. Sara Stone said. "He also was instrumental in hiring Curtis Callaway as a photo instructor."

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Carol Perry: Design With A Purpose

Walking through Castellaw, Baylor's journalism building, you'd be hard- pressed to find someone who hasn't experienced a welcoming smile or warm hug from Carol Perry.

From her artistic career, to becoming a professor, to her service to the City of Waco for more than 20 years, Perry is one of the most qualified professors Baylor University has ever seen.

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In Your Corner:
Meet Julie Freeman, assistant adviser, Baylor Lariat

With a plant behind her on the bookshelf, it appears that Julie Freeman has a green thumb. It's more like a blue pen.

Freeman is the assistant adviser for the university newspaper, The Baylor Lariat, and is famous for making pages bleed blue before sending them to print.

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The Big Picture: An Insight to the Ongoing Career of Baylor's Maxey Parrish

Maxey Parrish has quite the collection of memories, outstanding awards and experience when it comes to his time here at Baylor. Parrish grew up attending Baylor events with his father, Tom, who aided in raising funds for the buildings we use today.

"My Dad would tell me, ‘You can go anywhere you want™ But I'm only paying for Baylor!," Parrish said.

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Baylor professors incorporate new media use in the classroom

Baylor University has always had a strong journalism department, allowing students to major in either public relations or news-editorial. This year they have added on another choice of major, journalism-new media.

Our society is rapidly becoming more dependent on the use of technology and social media in order to communicate and present information. It is important for students in the journalism field to become familiar with these tactics and develop the necessary skills to use these media outlets effectively.

Along with adding the new media major, Baylor journalism professors are working hard to give students the opportunities to learn these skills.

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