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We offer students the chance to gain professional skills by getting involved in -- and out -- of the classroom. Many work at local journalism jobs. Students can start by working on campus for publications such as The Baylor Lariat, which the Associated Press managing editors recognize as the “Best Collegiate Newspaper” in Texas, or Focus Magazine, which is also the winner of national awards. You also can choose to join student chapters of national organizations sponsored by the department.

Students here are immersed in the world of journalism, public relations & new media. They learn to write and edit stories for print and the Web, shoot photos and video, design print and Webpages, in order to become convergent journalists. Assignments will take you out of the classroom and into the world, keeping you current and relevant in a constantly evolving media landscape.

You'll graduate with an impressive career portfolio that includes evidence of real-world experience garnered through jobs and internships available locally, across the nation and around the world.

Some Student Testimonials

  • "The classes in this department offer many opportunities to build your portfolio through working with clients and give you the necessary experience and skills to succeed in the work force." -- Molly Dunn
  • "The professors in this department personally invest themselves in us, pushing us to become more confident writers and tell better stories." -- Robyn Sanders
  • "Anyone can use new media. But this department has taught us how to use it to effectively and professionally promote not only ourselves, but also businesses and organizations." -- Taylor Sansone