Lock & Key Policy


  • This Lock & Key Policy and Procedure is intended to provide general operating guidelines needed to protect personnel and facilities, while also ensuring authorized access to those areas and facilities necessary for the efficient performance of normal/routine duties and responsibilities. Implementation and administration of this policy is the responsibility of Locksmith Services, a division of the Facility Services plant at 1919 South First Street.


  • Authority to approve a key is automatically given to the President, all vice-presidents, deans, directors, and chairmen for their particular assigned spaces. These persons may in turn delegate that authority to other staff members by sending written authorization to the Baylor Facility ServicesÆ Locksmith Services department. This letter must be a signed original, and must include printed name and sample signature of each delegate. These authorized personnel will be on file within the Locksmith Services department as future reference. Any changes to this authorized list must be communicated to the Locksmith Services department at the time of change.

  • The authorized requestors and their delegates are responsible for ensuring that keys are only requested for persons needing access and meeting departmental criteria for access.

  • To request issuance of a key requires written authorization. Therefore, an authorized requestor must sign the proper Key Request Form. The Key Request Form should be faxed by the employee/student to 710-1753 at the Baylor Physical Plant. For special keys, or large quantity orders, the requester must allow a 24-hour processing time period from the time the request is received. Only the person whose name appears on the request will be allowed to receive the key. A valid identification (such as a Baylor ID or driver's license) will be required for key/card issuance. The key may be picked up at the Baylor Physical Plant between 7:30 am and 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Keys continue to be the property of Baylor University and are under no circumstances to be loaned or transferred to any other person. Special care will be exercised to ensure that an unauthorized person is not issued a key to a security sensitive area.

  • Baylor University departments that normally respond to emergency situations must have twenty-four hour access to all campus buildings. The Baylor University Police Department and Baylor Facility Services are issued the necessary keys for interior and exterior locks in order to perform their duties.

  • When an individual resigns, terminates, has a change in assignment, graduates or leaves Baylor University, all keys issued to that employee are to be returned to Locksmith Services. It is the responsibility of the authorizing department to ensure that all keys are returned.

  • Non-Baylor University personnel, such as contractors, must go through the Baylor Physical Plant to gain access to any campus building. Where appropriate, the Locksmith Services staff will consult with the building coordinator for access to special security areas.


  • All lost, missing or stolen keys will be reported immediately to the authorizing department and Locksmith Services (710-1361).

  • If a replacement key is ordered, the same authorization procedure as that of the initial issuance must be followed. The lost key replacement form should include an indicated reason for the request. A fee maybe required.


  • All locks or locking devices used on any Baylor University facility must match or be compatible with the existing hardware within the facility, and must be approved/purchased through the Locksmith Services and installed by their authorized approved personnel. See the UniversityÆs Design & Construction Standards for more details.

  • Locksmith Services will maintain locks operated by keys issued through their office. However, a fee maybe be charged for requested re-keying procedures.

  • Locksmith Services may be able to assist a department in unlocking and making keys for furniture items, such as desks, file cabinets, etc. A fee maybe charged for this type of service.

  • Any change in hardware, such as high security lock systems, will require pre-approval by the Locksmith Services department.

  • Only a member of the Locksmith Services is authorized to duplicate a Baylor University key, and no key may be duplicated at any off-campus facility. If a key is imperfect or becomes broken, it is to be exchanged at the Locksmith Services department in the Facility Services plant, 1919 South First Street. (If broken, all parts of the key must be returned.)


  • KEY INVENTORY: Locksmith Services will be responsible for maintaining and continually updating an inventory of employees who have been assigned keys to Baylor University facilities. The key inventory will be maintained in name, Baylor employee ID number, or key order.

  • KEY ISSUANCE: When issuing a key, Locksmith Services staff will advise the requesting employee of the provisions of the issuance and update the key inventory.

  • KEY AUDIT: Upon written request by a departmental contact, a list of key holders may be obtained. This information may be requested for a specific key or employee.