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Submit Key Request

Locksmith Services
Locksmith Services will provide the necessary access keys, lock changes, and the maintenance of Baylor University facilitiesÆ lock systems. The Locksmith Services department will maintain key records for all academic and service buildings. Keys to facilities are issued to faculty, staff, and students upon the written authorization of the appropriate dean, chairman, or preauthorized administrative official. Reference Lock & Key Policy for more details.

Hours of operation: 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday

Key Request Conditions

A key will be issued for the exclusive use and is under no circumstances to be loaned or transferred to any other person. Every precaution shall be taken to prevent the loss of the issued key.

If a key is imperfect or becomes broken, it shall be exchanged with the Locksmith department located in the Baylor Physical Plant at 1919 South First Street. Making of duplicates is prohibited. (If broken, all parts of the key must be returned to the BFS Locksmith Shop.)

The key is required to be returned by the person to whom it was issued at the end of their term of appointment or upon a change in their assignment of said space to which the key control access.

Key Request Procedure

  • Please select and open the proper form below that fits your key request.

  • The form must be filled out in a manner that is readable and must be approved and signed by the departmentÆs authorized personnel.

  • Then, the completed form should be faxed to 710-1753 or mailed to One Bear Place # 97094 by the employee/student. For special keys, or large quantity orders, the requester should allow a 24-hour processing period from the time the request was received.

  • Only the person whose name appears on the request will be allowed to receive and sign for the generated key requested. A valid identification (such as a Baylor ID or driver's license) will be required for key issuance.

Individual Key Form

Grandmaster Key Form

Replacement Key Form