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About Our Department

Much more than your average dorm!

Baylor residence halls are unique learning environments designed to prepare you for life in a diverse world and give you the opportunity to build life-changing relationships. Within Baylor residence communities, you will encounter students who come to Baylor from around the globe, faculty who participate in hall activities, and staff who are committed to fostering your well-being and development. By living and engaging in your residence hall, you'll learn what it means to be part of something much larger than yourself - a community.

Since the adoption of Baylor 2012 in 2001, Campus Living & Learning (also known as CL&L) has been on a mission to transform the face of on-campus living. It's for this reason we think of residence halls as learning communities rather than dorms.

Although you may think you're moving into a "dorm," we hope you'll find it to be much more. Dormitory or dorm comes from the Latin word dormire, which means "to sleep." While we indeed hope you'll be doing some sleeping in your residence hall, we are strategic and intentional about creating a community experience in which you will grow socially, intellectually and spiritually.