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Police Services on Campus

Baylor University retains a fully commissioned and state of Texas certified police department for the express purpose of providing law enforcement services for the Baylor community, its guests and visitors, and to monitor the overall security needs of campus property.  The Baylor Police department responds to calls for service and investigates any criminal matter that occurs on campus, enforces parking and moving traffic violations by the issuance of appropriate citations and works in tandem with officers of the Waco Police department and the McLennan County Sheriff’s office as situations may require.


The primary purpose of Baylor police is to patrol and respond to calls within the physical campus of Baylor University.  The Baylor police are also commissioned as reserve McLennan County Sheriff’s deputies and therefore have jurisdiction beyond the campus itself.   Citations that are issued for moving violations or other violations that may be of a criminal nature, are issued by means of the McLennan County Sheriff’s Office citations.  Accordingly, violators issued citations by Baylor police are directed to one of two Justice of the Peace courts located in the McLennan County Courthouse. 


Non Baylor entities and local school districts or high schools who desire to bring their own police or security personnel to an on campus event (including Baylor University athletic venues) must contact the Baylor police department for approval to do so and for coordination purposes.  This action must occur at least one week prior to the scheduled event.  At any such event, it is a requirement that a Baylor police officer be present and will be considered the ‘officer-in-charge’ of the event.  The contracting entity will be responsible for any fees incurred to pay for the Baylor police services.  Baylor police will have final decision-making authority on any events or procedures that may require police action.   The Baylor police may, at their discretion, direct any law enforcement or security personnel to depart the campus for any failure to comply with this policy.


Any law enforcement agency seeking to execute a warrant, subpoena or contact a student, faculty or staff member on the campus, must first contact the Baylor police department for assistance in the specific matter.  Officers from law enforcement agencies, security firms or private investigative companies must coordinate with Baylor police prior to attempting to make physical contact with personnel on the Baylor campus. To the extent permitted by applicable law, Baylor police will assist the agency seeking assistance to make contact with the desired individual and will coordinate in making contact with any students, faculty or staff on Baylor University property.


For further information, contact the Baylor University police department at 254-710-2222; Email to :; or send a fax to 254-710-3473.