Q: Where is the Baylor Police Department located?

A: The Baylor Police Department is located on the 1st floor of the Speight Plaza parking facility at S.4th and Speight Ave.

Q: What is the phone number and mailing address:

A: Phone - 254-710-2222

Fax - 254-710-3473

Mail - One Bear Place #97090

Waco, Tx. 76798-7090

Q: What is the jurisdiction of the Baylor Police Department?

A: Although the Baylor Police Department has county wide jurisdiction (McLennan County), the primary jurisdiction of the Baylor police is all properties owned and under the control of Baylor University. Baylor police, in cooperation with the Waco Police Department, respond to "crisis or life threatening situations" in the residential areas surrounding the campus and elsewhere as necessary.

Q: Can Baylor police enforce city ordinances and traffic laws off the Baylor campus?

A: Yes. All Baylor commissioned police officers are licensed and certified by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officers Standards and Education and are thereby recognized by the State of Texas as peace officers. Baylor police are authorized to make arrests pursuant to the Texas Code of Criminal Procedures for crimes as defined by the Texas Penal Code and the Ordinances of the City of Waco.

Q: Are Baylor Police Department shoulder patches available for trade or sale?

A: No. We regret we are unable to fulfill request for our patches.