Waco Business League Meets at BRIC Symposium Space
by Gary Stokes, Office of the Vice Provost for Research

Waco, Texas - The Baylor Research and Innovation Collaborative (BRIC) played host to more than sixty area business and civic leaders Tuesday as they came together for the July meeting of the Waco Business League.

The gathering marked the first use by a community organization of the BRIC's newly completed third-floor symposium hall. Waco Business League president Wes Bailey was pleased with both the turnout of members and the meeting space.

"It is a beautiful facility and just a lovely place for us to gather and have our meeting," he said. "Looking out the windows we could all see the new stadium going up, the Waco skyline, and the Baylor campus - I think all the members were very favorably impressed by what they saw."

Baylor's vice provost for research, Dr. Truell Hyde, spoke on the status of the research park and took questions from the audience. Following his presentation, attendees toured the 330,000 sq. ft. research facility.