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Parents and Families

My student will be a freshman soon. What now?

This site gives you info on the many great things Baylor does to welcome incoming freshman and make sure that the first year is a positive experience.

Health Services

If your student is not feeling well or needs something checked out, the Health Center in the Student Life Center is the place to go.

Academic Advising

The university has an academic advising office that helps students achieve their academic goals. Any student can make an appointment to visit with an advisor about anything related to classes, picking a major, what to take, when to take it, and a host of other issues.

Academic Assistance -- The Paul Foster Success Center

If your student is struggling academically, Baylor's Paul Foster Success Center is here to help. Center staff can introduce your student to supplemental instruction programs, including free classes on study skills, time management and note-taking.

Academic Calendar

The full academic calendar will provide you with the dates for term breaks and other events that are significant in your student's academic schedule.

Baylor Parents Network

This is a great organization to be familiar with because it brings you into a network of people who share the excitement and challenges of having a son or daughter in college.

Career Planning

Baylor offers excellent resources when it comes to making plans for life after graduation. The career services and career counseling offices, part of the Paul Foster Success Center, can guide a student with any major towards a job and career path. There are two services offered- nailing down a career field and then finding the job.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Baylor Student Financial Services has a lot of resources to help your student through the financial aid process including a free student aid estimator service.

Getting Involved in Campus Life

Baylor has over 300 social, service, and academic organizations for students. Your student can stop by the Division of Student Activities in the Bill Daniel Student Center.

I'm worried.

You aren't alone. Every parent has some anxiety when a son or daughter goes off to college. A good place to start is the Division of Student Life, or contact the Baylor Parents League. Some federal regulations prevent us from revealing certain information, but we can listen to your concerns, determine the nature of the problem, and work together to find some solutions.

Jobs While My Student Is in School

All student employment is administered through the Office of Academic Scholarships and Financial Aid. Most positions are through the federal work-study program.

Living On Campus

There are a lot of options for living on campus. In addition to the number of residence halls, there are also several Living & Learning programs available to students.

Majors in Arts & Sciences

Here is a list of all of the majors offered through the College of Arts & Sciences.

Office of Access and Learning Accommodation

This office works to accommodate students who have physical disabilities or other disabilities for which they need special assistance.