Don't Cancel that Class!

Don't Cancel that Class is an option for faculty to use our department to teach their students about helpful resources around campus.  When a student is healthy & well they perform better academically. We are here to serve the whole student as well as help faculty.

When a faculty member is unable to teach their classes, whether in-person or online, a member of the Department of Wellness can come and provide their students with an interactive and informative presentation about the wellness topic of their choice. 

Stress Management 

Technology Hygiene 

Narcan Training 

Sleep Hygiene

& Others 

 Request a Presentation: 

  1. Determine which workshop will best suit your needs 

  2. Determine a preferred date, time, and location, and an alternate date, time, and location for the workshop.

  3. Requesting parties are responsible for publicizing the session and should aim for ten to fifteen individuals in attendance at a minimum. A group above 10 is optimal for creating meaningful discussion and engagement levels.

  4. Please email us at If possible, please give our department a 1-2 weeks' notice if you know you will be absent ahead of time (i.e., meetings, conferences, vacations, etc.). We cannot guarantee that we will be available for every request, though we will try hard to fill as many requests as our schedules allow.

***  COVID-19 Programming Considerations ***

The health and safety of our students and our staff instructors are our top priority.  The majority of the workshops available for classroom delivery have been modified to enable in-person and/or online instruction.  For your consideration, we have designated which programs can be delivered in-person and/or online.
As part of the scheduling process, administrators will discuss the dynamics of your class, room size, and safety precautions that are implemented for your classes, and determine the best method of delivery based on the availability of instructors.  For this reason, please allow for at least two weeks notice for scheduling.