Yoga Testimonies

Yoga Testimonies

*Real words from Baylor Yogis*

Joanne Spitz – Baylor Senior Director of Grant Initiatives

“For me, yoga is often the best part of a hectic day. It gives me a chance to slow down, to breath, to reconnect with myself and my God. It allows me a peace-filled time to put the daily hassles of life into perspective, to remember that all is well. But I need to breath deep, relax, and let God do the rest. Some days (most days) my yoga practice is truly a life-saver for my sanity. I could not be as productive of an employee, or as happy of a person without it.”

Sørina Higgins – Baylor PhD Candidate   

“Yoga has changed my life. It has brought ease and relief to my physical, mental, and spiritual state. I love practicing regularly and striving to achieve greater strength and flexibility. Kelsey is a masterful teacher: clear, articulate, knowledgeable, and challenging.” 

Kim Stuebben - Yoga Instructor (Baylor FitWell), Baylor Adjunct Professor (Baylor HHPR), & Adjunct Faculty (Truett Seminar)

"I didn’t find yoga until college. Back then (2011) it was more of a workout, and really the only workout I was doing. It wasn’t until graduate school that I became invested in practicing for my mind as well as my body. My mind constantly lets me know the things around me that need to be fixed or changed, so I critique myself and my environment throughout each day. Yoga provides a space for me where I can stop my mind-chatter. By connecting with my breath and acknowledging what goes on in my body I find peace while also relieving tension in myself. I am now less critical off my mat because of my practice on it."

Brittany Adams - Baylor Part-Time Lecturer of Relaxation Fitness & Yoga Instructor (Baylor FitWell)

"Yoga has been so helpful in my life. It’s the first hobby I found that I could very naturally pick up, and that I became extremely passionate about. Yoga has become a career for me and I’m so blessed to be able to work while doing what I love."

Alexandra Patino - Baylor Undergraduate Student, Environmental Studies

"Yoga has positively affected me by helping me after I broke a few vertebrae. As soon as I was allowed to move my back, I began doing flows and holding poses to strengthen and re-gain my back flexibility. After a few months of doing yoga consistently, I had full range of my back again and I was able to do the things I had done before my injury!"

Stephanie Kerry - Baylor Undergraduate Student, Economics and History

"For me, yoga has been a way to exercise both my body and my mind. The diversity of yoga practices has allowed me to explore both ways to challenge my strength and relax my mind. Ever since beginning to practice consistently, I have found that I have the tools to release my anxiety and be present whether that be in work, school, or personal relationships. Yoga has taught me growth both inside and outside the studio!"

Will Brewer - Baylor University Graduate Student, Geology

“Yoga has been a wonderful experience for me. It has helped me become more comfortable in my own skin in a fitness environment different from what I’m used to. It has also become my quiet retreat in the middle of busy work days and after long days of stress. I can’t imagine getting through school without it!”

Anonymous Baylor Yogi

"Yoga was a great way for me to get started exercising. I’ve been learning to listen to my body and learn to be satisfied with baby steps towards strength and flexibility."