Student Alcohol Advisory Board

Mission Statement:
The Student Alcohol Advisory Board will be a department-based small group board that acts as a resource for both students and Baylor. Its aims are to increase the influence and impact of prevention and recovery programming and to increase educational conversations with students alongside the current initiatives of the Wellness Department.


What Will SAAB members be expected to do?

  •  Attend biweekly board meetings
  • Assist Wellness staff in preparing/giving presentations
  • Lead one presentation (to residence hall or campus organization) each semester
  • Participate on event teams for alcohol awareness and recovery program events
  • Collaborate with staff to design a best-practices social norms campaign

Goals for Students Include:

  1. Having the knowledge to be a peer resource on campus concerning alcohol use, misuse, abuse, recovery and perceptions on campus
  2. Learn best practices and leadership skills to encourage human flourishing in wellness decision making.

Membership Selection:

Application & Interview – Summer recruitment through orientation and emailing/contacting each of the students who give us their email address or contact information with interviews happening the 1st - 3rd weeks of school.