Meetings & Activities


Spring 2018 Recovery Meeting Schedule





Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday



12:30-1 PM

Contemplative Prayer (11th Step practice)- at the BARC

    Contemplative Prayer (11th Step practice)- at the BARC


5:00-6:00PM Al-Anon meeting Starting week after Spring Break          

6-7 PM

Redefining Grace in partnership with BUCC and Mental Health Grace Alliance at the BARC

One Key AA at the BARC*


One Key AA Line-by-Line at the BARC*

Monthly: One Key Speaker Meeting*, March 23

Peer Ally Coalition Bi-Weekly Meetings

7-8 PM



 Legal Professions AA Group, Baylor Law School*





Shameless Men's Group-1 (contact for location) Shameless Men's Group-2 (contact for location)


9:30-11PM Shameless on campus  - Teal 102



* AA, CODA, LAA meetings are not affiliated with Baylor University, but are provided here as a recommendation for students looking for meetings that comprise of other students and/or are close to campus