This dimension of wellness covers how well you feel about your work. Fulfillment of this dimension is based on satisfaction that you can get from doing your work. Recognizing what your calling and special abilities also plays a part in satisfying this dimension.

Resources at Baylor:

Career Counseling
Helps students identify traits, interests, strengths, and identify calling as they make long time professional and future decisions. Career Counseling helps students who are undecided on their major, thinking about changing their major, or who are looking for careers in their particular major.

Career Services
Assists students who are looking for employment. They provide helpful information on job searches, resumes, and host job fairs for students looking for employment.

How to practice Healthy Choices:

  • Start a resume and get it critiqued
  • Learn about careers that fit your major
  • Get to know your professors and other individuals that could serve as references
  • Expand your network