The spiritual dimension of wellness addresses the meaning and purpose of life. Figuring a comfortable way to determine meaning and purpose in one's life is a way to fulfill this dimension of wellness.

Resources at Baylor:

Spiritual Life
The Office of Spiritual Life is located in the Bobo Spiritual Life Center. Spiritual Life offers pastoral care for students, faculty, and staff; sponsor mission trips abroad, and facilitates weekly Chapel classes which are mandatory for all new Baylor students.

Chapel is a weekly mandatory gathering for all Baylor new students. Chapel is located in Waco Hall throughout the fall and spring semesters. Chapel is a way for Baylor students, faculty and staff to express their commitment to Christ.

Church Guide
The Spiritual Life Center can help you plug into a church, as well as campus ministries.

How to practice Healthy Choices:

  • Find and go to Church
  • Attend Chapel