Relaxation Techniques

Make time for some fun
  • Set aside relaxation time. Relaxation time should be included in your daily schedule. During your relaxation time, this should be a time where you take a break from your responsibilities and a way to recharge.
  • Connect with others. Spend time with people who act as a positive influence on your life. By surrounding yourself with a strong support system, it can take away a lot of the stress in your life.
  • Do something you enjoy everyday. Make time for leisure activities which make you happy. A lot of people can do this by finding a hobby, like knitting, playing the piano, and going to a golf course and hitting some golf balls.
  • Keep your sense of humor, laugh. Studies have shown that people who laugh, live a better life.
  • Stress can come at us in many different way, not just from low points in our life. The feeling of excitement can be just as stressful as the feeling of being stressed out.
Relaxation Techniques
  • Take a deep breath and count to 10.
  • In addition, take a moment to step back. Some ways to step back form a situation include:
    • Standing up and stretching
    • Taking a short walk
    • Or anything that changes your focus
  • Stop and smell the roses
    • Take the time. Take one part of your day where you can recognize the good things in your life.
    • Sleep on it. Every issue has it's pros and cons. You can list them both, or just htink about them. The look at the list tomorrow, you will feel much better.
    • Every cloud has it's silver lining. Find the good things in your stressful situation. 
  • Know your limitations
    • It is okay ot say no. Don't be afraid to say no
    • Acquit yourself.
    • Be pro-active in finding peace.
    • When you need help, get it.